Easy Steps to Help You Lose More Weight when Cycling

Easy Steps to Help You Lose More Weight when Cycling

Cycling is one of the best physical activities to lose weight. Not only is it efficient, but it’s undoubtedly more enjoyable than hitting the gym or exercising by yourself. Plus, it also comes with other physical and mental health benefits!


However, while many people achieve their dream body through cycling, some can’t reach other fitness goals no matter how much they try. 


You have to follow specific processes and techniques to lose weight when cycling. If you’re not hitting these methods correctly, you might be sweating for nothing.


How much do you lose weight when cycling?


Like any exercise routine, the harder your cycling routine is, the more calories you can burn. 


You can burn up to 500 calories if you do moderate cycling for at least 48 minutes. For fast-paced cycling of at least 12mph, you can burn this same amount of calories for a 42-minute routine. Lastly, BMX or mountain cycling can burn this much for only 39 minutes.


For quick reference, you can burn up to 140 calories for a regular weight-lifting practice, 245 calories for a low-impact aerobics routine, and 360 calories for running for 5 miles at 12 minutes per mile.


This is how efficient cycling is. You can lose almost double the calories of these routines in only 50 minutes.


How can you lose more weight when cycling?


While these data are already impressive, some people want to lose more weight even faster. Fortunately, you can easily step up your cycling routine to achieve your body goals. 


1. Cycle faster


Cycling faster will force you to pedal harder, thus, exerting more force and losing more weight. You can start with a 12-minute-per-mile routine on your first day. Step it up to 13.5 minutes per mile on the next day, then 14.5, until you reach 15.9 minutes per mile. 


These intervals will allow you to lose more weight without sacrificing your cardio and endurance training. Don’t forget to pack a water bottle as you level up your pace.


2. Cycle further


If you’re having a hard time increasing your speed in cycling, you can get the same result by cycling for a longer distance.


A moderate cycling pace for 100 minutes can help you burn up to 600 calories a day. Imagine what it can do to your body if you do this at least thrice a week. Don’t forget to use protective biking accessories such as helmets and bike lights when cycling around your neighborhood. Sure enough, you’d want to lose weight the safe way.


3. Do an interval training


Last but not least is doing interval training. This is suitable for almost everyone, as it can accommodate people with low endurance and cardio strength, and it can even be done by indoor cycling.


An interval training consists of a 30-minute routine with variations in speed and intensity. For the first 20 to 50 seconds, cycle with high resistance. After that, cycle with lower intensity for 60 to 90 seconds. Repeat this pattern until you meet your 30-minute target. 


The high-resistance part of your routine will help you lose more weight. On the other hand, the low-intensity part will allow you to recuperate your energy while still burning a minimal amount of calories. Interval training will allow you to finish your routine without having a hard time. 

Getting your dream body is not a walk in the park. You would need to commit time, patience, and energy to achieve it. Fortunately, it wouldn’t be that hard because of cycling.