Better Than Traditional Treatments? Severe Diseases That Can Be Cured by Cycling

Better Than Traditional Treatments? Severe Diseases That Can Be Cured by Cycling

Cycling is a low-impact aerobic activity that can improve a person's fitness and health. It is a popular physical exercise since it is simple to begin and ideal for everyone.

It has long been verified that cycling has numerous health benefits, but did you know that cycling can actually cure diseases? And not just simple ailments and injuries, but severe illnesses which may need a lifetime of treatment and medication.

Editor's Note: All the research stated is done with subjects still undergoing medication for their diseases.  

1. Cancer

Regular cycling can cure various kinds of cancer. 

A recent study made by Glasgow scientists tested 3,748 people diagnosed with cancer. According to their research, regular cycling can lessen the risk of death through cancer by a whopping 45%. And with all its health benefits, cycling can reduce the probability of death via health issues by 46%.

The cyclists who participated on the research rides for an average of 30 miles per week. The study also showed that the longer their biking hours are, the better their health becomes. It significantly lowers the risk of their cancer getting worse or developing common symptoms of their diseases.

With this impressive data, just remember to wear protective biking gears and use safety biking accessories to avoid road accidents when cycling.


2. Heart Diseases

In the same research, the Glasgow scientists also discovered that regular cycling can reduce the risk of fatal heart diseases by 46%. This didn’t come out as a surprise as the strengthening of cardiovascular health has long been verified to be one of the primary health benefits of cycling.



If you’re suffering from a heart ailment, it would also be best if you place pomegranate or citrus juice on your drinking bottle when cycling. These two fruit juices can also help you body produce natural enzymes that can make your heart healthier.


3. Lung Problems

Cycling can also aid in the improvement of cardiorespiratory fitness. Cycling for 170–250 minutes per week, according to an older study from 2011, can significantly enhance lung health. 

Cycling on a regular basis can also assist people with lung conditions to improve their lung function. Cycling, for example, can be used as part of a pulmonary rehabilitation program for persons with chronic obstructive lung diseases.


4. Mental Health Ailments

Chronic stress can have serious health consequences. Cycling, on the other hand, can assist to relieve daily tension. 

"Endorphins are released whenever you workout," adds Thoman. When you're stressed, endorphins might help you feel better. 


Exercising outside provides additional advantages. "In addition to endorphins, you release serotonin when you exercise outside. "This helps control stress chemicals, which may lower your cancer risk," she explains.


5. Joint Problems

Strength, balance, and coordination are all improved by cycling. It may also aid in the prevention of fractures and falls. If you have osteoarthritis, riding a bike is an excellent form of exercise since it is a low-impact activity that puts less stress on joints. 

Because cycling is not a weight-bearing activity, it does not trigger bone-thinning illnesses such as osteoporosis.

If you’re experiencing one of these diseases or just someone who wants to keep yourself fit and healthy, you should definitely give cycling a try.